“Toby’s Room” — link fixed

George Simmers, blogging at Great War Fiction, has the first review I’ve seen of Pat Barker’s new novel, “Toby’s Room.”

He writes: “Pat Barker’s latest novel, Toby’s Room, is a sequel of sorts to Life Class (2007) and is much better than the earlier book. Life Class wI found a rather disjointed ramble through the miseries both of peace and of war, whose unrelieved gloominess and grimness seemed rather in excess of the facts. … Don’t look to Toby’s Room for a continuation of the stories that were left arbitrarily unfinished in the middle of Life Class.”

I regret to report that the review contains spoilers. It didn’t especially bother me because I disliked “Life Class” and have no burning desire to read “Toby’s Room,” but others might be disappointed.

Anyway, reader beware.


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