Run, little donkey, run

Donkeys played many roles in World War I. They hauled equipment and ammunition. They carried the wounded — Australian Pvt. John Simpson became a hero to the troops at Gallipoli, carrying more than 300 wounded men back on a donkey he caught in a field. He was killed May 19, 1915.

But donkeys also provided companionship and entertainment. Sunday’s Daily Mail has a report on a medal awarded to Jimmy the donkey, who was born on the Somme battlefield and became a beloved mascot to the Cameronian Scottish rifles. Ths Daily Mail says, “Jimmy will be honoured as part of an exhibition at the Cameronian’s Museum in Hamilton, which will reopen on April 4.”

Donkeys pulling a load of shovels.
Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey bring a wounded man to an aid station.


ImageDonkey racing behind the lines. Don’t put your money on the fellow on the right!

2 thoughts on “Run, little donkey, run

  1. Hello, We are big advocates for educating folks about the sacrifice that mules and donkeys have made during times of war…however, the animals in the first photo here are identified as “donkeys” in the caption….they are actually mules. Don’t worry, it happens all the time! Thank you, The Donkeys and Mules at Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm, USA


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