“Gilbert’s War”

Gary Myers, digital producer at Isle of Man Newspapers, is working on an animated film that will tell the story of his grandfather, who fought with the Leeds Rifles and was in the Battle of Cambrai. Myers released the trailer of the 20-minute film on 11/11 and hopes to have the film completed in time for the centenary.

Here’s a link to an article about him: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/animator-to-release-ww1-film-gilbert-s-war-1-5113781

This is a blog following Myers’ work on the film: http://www.gilbertswar.blogspot.com/

And here’s the trailer: https://vimeo.com/53223751

This is a really exciting project to follow. I’m eager to watch how it progresses and see the finished result.

This is a screenshot Myers posted showing the tanks in position.


A tank here and there

George Sipple, blogging as Great War Fiction, has an interesting post about newly re-released films of London, made in 1924, that include views of the World War I tank that was displayed outside the British Museum.


Apparently, it was a tourist attraction — just the size of it would have intrigued me. The only WWI tank I’ve ever seen is Deborah, which is about the size of my Taurus. Deborah, or D51, was hit by German artillery at Flesquieres during the Battle of Cambrai on Nov. 20, 1917. The tank reportedly was dragged into a convenient shell hole and buried. It was found more or less intact in November 1998.

Blogger That Scouse Bastard has an interesting post about his visit to Flesquieres and the Cambrai area. He has great pictures of Deborah and more, including the Tank Corps Memorial at Pozieres.


Here’s Deborah’s official site, with details about the tank, the battle and how Deborah was recovered.



Tanks parade in London after the war. National Library of Scotland.