Meet Susan

My nephew fought at Fallujah, my brother in Vietnam. My father crossed the Rhine as a 42nd (Rainbow) Division artilleryman.

And my Great-Uncle Elmer fought with the 35th Division in the Meuse-Argonne campaign. He was shot and gassed at the little village of Exermont, southeast of Verdun, where the Germans made mincemeat of the 35th Division.

With the Western Front Association – US Branch — now the World War One Historical Association — I’ve made five trips to the battlefields in Belgium and France. My particular interest is operations in the Ypres Salient.

In addition to writing this blog, I am administrator of the WW1HA Facebook page.

13 thoughts on “Meet Susan

  1. Susan, I am finding and researching the World War One vets buried in Tucson, Arizona. Because Tucson was a destination for the tuberculosis patients, then a popular retirement destination we have the navy, most divisions of the army, and anything having to do with WWI has someone in Tuscon who did it.


  2. Hello

    I am writing a photographic book about ordinary life in WW1 and am seeking unusual non combatant images to reflect the ongoing normality during the period 1914-1918

    Best regards

    Simon O’Corra


  3. Hi Susan
    I just finished reading your article about your family’s participation in all the the wars you mentioned.
    That is quite a contribution for one family. Veterans’ Day must have a very special meaning for you and your family. Here in Canada, “Remembrance Day” has special meaning to my family too. I also,
    like yourself, had the chance to visit the many historical battlefields along the western front in France in Belgium as part of a photo assignment for a book on Canadian war memorial and monuments that is to be published next year ….the year of the WWI centenary. There is a blog
    site for these monuments at It is still in development and won’t be officially on line until Dec 1, but please feel free to visit it and leave your comments and suggestions. They would greatly be appreciated.

    Great Blog.

    All the best.




  4. Howdy Susan,
    I am doing research on the Gold Star Mother Pilgrimage (only time that the US govt paid for mothers and widows of soldiers of the Great War who died and are buried in American cemeteries in Europe to visit the graves of their soldiers from 1930-1933). I am trying to gather any and all stories of these families- diaries, letters, postcards, pictures, newspapers, pilgrimage memorabilia , etc., I am focusing on Texas for a presentation to the state historical association but would love to hear from any and all from all over the US. It is such a fascinating and moving story. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Please help me tell their stories. Contact info: Thanks so much. Ocia


  5. Hi Susan;
    Thank you for your reply. Sorry I took so long to answer.
    The book is finished now. There is somewhat of a press release posted “today” at We are currently looking for a publisher at this time and have the book slated to be available in June of this year. Please visit the blog and have a look.
    Hope all is well.
    All the best

    Richard Parrish


  6. Dear Susan,
    I have created this page about a war trophy my great great uncle received from C company , 22nd Engineers, Light Rail. We transcribed the over 200 names in the hopes that it would be useful to some of the descendants. But I have no idea as to how to get it “out there”. I have no idea how or where this trophy was presented. Any ideas? It was lost, then found in a scrap heap in Rio Hondo TX.


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