From Chris Isleib of the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission
Today is Wednesday, September 21, fifty days away from Veterans Day. 
We feel that one day per year is not enough to talk about veterans, veterans contributions, and veterans needs. So, for the next fifty days, we will join others in posting about veterans, using the #CountdownToVeteransDayhas htag.
We also feel that we can help people to have a more meaningful experience for their Veterans Day, by collecting an easy list of opportunities to volunteer, donate, or participate in local events. We have posted our list here – www.CountdownToVeteransDay. org
We invite you to join us in this Countdown To Veterans Day. Please feel free to repost or retweet any of the #CountdownToVeteransDay social media posts, or create your own, to help us get the word out.
Veterans needs, and veterans issues, will always need our help.


Chris Isleib

U.S. World War One Centennial Commission

Director of Public Affairs
301 641 4060


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