WW1 Book Review: The Great War 100

Add to the nightstand — my nightstand is getting a little wobbly under all the books waiting for me!

WW1 Centenary

The Great War 100: The First World War In Infographics by Scott Addington (History Press 2014, ISBN 9780752486390, hardbound, £25.00)

Scott Addington is a very active Twitter user and has produced a number of good WW1 and WW2 digital books. This new publication takes his work to a whole new level. He presents the conflict that was the Great War in a very fresh but appealing way by using infographics to retell the story. What are infographics? These are akin to slide images with text which using clever illustration they help explain a point, fact or part of the history of the war. This is a novel approach to WW1 history but all part of Addington’s ‘history for the ordinary person’ approach, which is to be applauded.

This is a really handsome and well produced book with facts on subjects like battles, medals, and weapons, as well as the human cost…

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