WW1HA 2013 Symposium speakers: Nicholas Murray

Nicholas Murray is a graduate of Kings College London and the University of Oxford. He is an associate professor at the U.S. Army Command and Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where he teaches military history. His specialty is the evolution of warfare prior to 1914.

His new book, out this month, is “The Rocky Road to the Great War: The Evolution of Trench Warfare to 1914,” published by Potomac Books.

Here’s his link:


2 thoughts on “WW1HA 2013 Symposium speakers: Nicholas Murray

  1. Hello

    I am writing a book about ordinary lives during the WW1 conflict. I am seeking international images of normal everyday life, on the home front even at the Front as long as the images are non-combatant. Have you any idea where I can access royalty free images?

    I will buy your book as I have often wondered why the combatants took what to me seems to be a retrograde step to trench warfare.


    Simon O’Corra


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