Filmmaker needs a hand — and a couple of legs

From Facebook friend Aaron Higgins:

Howdy all! I am inquiring for a friend on a job that is being filmed in California. I was curious if anyone had any idea where I might go about finding an authentic pair of World War I era prosthetic legs?

Any leads are appreciated! Thanks!

Aaron, here’s a possible lead:

The Dittrick Medical History Center in Cleveland, Ohio, also has links on its website that might be helpful.

Here’s a selection of prosthetic legs from the war era — unfortunately for your friend, this is a contemporaneous photo from the Imperial War Museum and not a source of limbs:


And here’s a photo — one of the saddest photos I have ever seen — of a young fellow who needed a pair of WWI-ear prosthetic legs:


3 thoughts on “Filmmaker needs a hand — and a couple of legs

  1. Another possibility is the National Museum of Health and Medicine ( which is the result of a fairly recent merger of several of the military’s medical museums and libraries into a single facility/collection. They used to have actual limbs from Civil War amputations, so I anticipate they have a collection of period prosthetics as well.


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