Who started the war? corrected link

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The site whostartedwwone.com has a great timeline of who said what to whom, week by week, from the assassination to the invasions.

4 thoughts on “Who started the war? corrected link

  1. Assessing blame is a largely zero sum game. Far more interesting is the how: What happened and why? Suggest reading Christopher Clark’s new book “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914.” Clark does not attmept to access or distribute blame, but rather to illuminate what happened starting with the politics of the Balkan states and moving across the domestic politics, diplomacy and military arms policies of the several European states.


      • Len:
        Here’s a quote from ‘Europe’s Last Summer’, by David Fromkin:
        “When news of Russia’s mobilization was first known, the Bavarian military attache confided to his diary, “I run to the War Ministry, Beaming faces everywhere. Everyone is shaking hands in the corridors, people congratulate one another for being over the hurdle.”
        Also – Another diarist, chief of the Kaiser’s naval staff, made everything more clear: “The mood is brilliant. The government has managed brilliantly to make us appear as the [one who was] attacked.”
        Assessing blame is not a zero sum game.

        Robert Warwick


    • I am reading “The Sleepwalkers” I found it at my local library under new books. The back ground on the conflicts in the Balkans is illuminating. One senses the train has left the station and is on its way to an accident whose consequence we know but the passengers can only see as an apparition.
      I am about 2/3 through it. Well worth reading.


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