The crushin’ Prussians

Royal Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr 81 Re-enactement Group, our Facebook friends,  have a post describing the little Duchy of  Württemberg, which they say outdid Prussia in its Germanness. Interesting reading.

Here’s the post:

It reminds me of the classic WWI song:

(Carey Morgan / Charles McCarron,   1918)

I dreamed of a scene in an old soldier's home, 
The year was nineteen fifty three. 
With medals galore that he'd won in this war, 
He sat smoking peacefully. 
Tell me of the war of nineteen seventeen, 
Said his grandson who stood by his side. 
How did they fix up that terrible mix up?
And proudly the old man replied:

My dream quickly changed to a schoolroom that day, 
The lesson was geography. 
A child raised her hand, said, "I don't understand, 
This map looks all wrong to me. 
What is this strange place that is marked Germany?" 
And the teacher replied with a roar. 
"Why, that's an old map, dear since we had that scrap, dear, 
There ain't no such place anymore.

The Russsians were rushin' the Prussians, 
The Prussians were crushin' the Russians. 
The Balkins were balkin' and Turkey was squawkin' 
Rasputin disputtin' and Italy scootin'
The Boches all bulled Bolshevikis 
The British were skittish at sea. 
But the good Lord I'm thankin' 
The Yanks started yankin', 
And yanked Kaiser Bill up a tree.

The Russsians were rushin' the Prussians, 
The Prussians were crushin' the Russians. 
The good old Italians were hurling batallions 
Canadians raidin' and Frenchmen invadin'
The Bulgars were bulgin' the Belgians 
But Yanks started yankin' you see. 
And when Peace was conceded, 
Some new maps were needed, 
They ruined the geography.

Click here to have it sung to you

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