The 1916 Olympics

Berlin was chosen to host the next Games at the International Olympic Committee’s 1912 meeting in Stockholm.

Of course, the 1916 Games were never held — though I wonder at what point they were cancelled. The war was supposed to be over by Christmas 1914, remember, and presumably all would have been forgiven by the summer of ’16. That seems even less likely than the Christmas scheme.

But the stadium was built in Berlin all the same. According to a New York Times report, its dedication was held June 8, 1913. The Kaiser was there, along with 60,000 other people — half in the stands, half on the field parading and demonstrating athletics or some sort or other. It must have been a wonderful day.

Organizers released 10,000 pigeons or, as we might think of them now, doves of peace.

Dedication ceremony at the stadium in Berlin built for the Games of the VI Olympiad.

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