The other side of Passchendaele

Warfare Magazine posts an excerpt of “The German Army at Passchendaele” by Jack Sheldon with this note:


Classic photo of a German soldier taken prisoner by the British. National Library of Scotland.

Nearly all of the writing on Passchendaele concentrates on the British and Dominion experience; that of the Germans is skated over. This gives rise to an apparent feeling held in popular circles in Great Britain that her armies almost uniquely suffered the miserable – indeed hideous – conditions of the final weeks of the Third Ypres. Jack Sheldon has begun to rectify this situation and restore a balance to the historiography of the First World War in his works, which focus on the equally horrific day-to-day experiences of the men in the trenches, pillboxes and muddy shell-holes on the other side of No Man’s Land; those of the German Army at Passchendaele.

Here’s the link:

2 thoughts on “The other side of Passchendaele

  1. Jack Sheldon has written several books on the Western Front from theGerman perspective. Consult Len’s BooksShelf on the World War One Historical Association ( Bookshelf books are listed by year in alphabetical order by author.


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