Movies, movies!

George Simmons. blogging as Great War Fiction, has a fascinating post today about the newly recovered 1926 film “The Unknown Soldier.” It’s a love story about an American factory worker named Fred, who falls in love with the boss’ daughter Mary, impresses her by enlisting when the U.S. enters the war … and then by happy chance, they meet in France, they fall in love, he volunteers for a dangerous mission, and then goes missing. Alas, poor Mary, alas!


Margaret de la Motte

Remember, this is a silent film, so there’s a lot of eye-rolling and pressing the back of the hand to the forehead.

George describes the movie as “one of those films where the melodrama is absurd when you stop to think about it, but the direction is rather good, and the acting carries conviction.”

He has many posts about movies about or related to WWI. Here’s a link to his film posts:

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