The Battle of Jutland

The war’s major sea battle began today in 1916.

This is how The Western Front Association describes it:

“The last great naval battle fought solely with surface ships, Jutland (or the Skagerrak as it was called by the Germans) was a strategic victory for the British; the High Seas Fleet never again challenged British dominance in the North Sea and in future the German naval effort was concentrated on unrestricted submarine warfare. Tactically it was a drawn battle, there being considerable British disappointment at the failure to bring the enemy to a decisive action. British losses were heavier than the German and for this reason the battle was claimed to be the latters victory. The British had suffered 6,784 casualties, and lost three battlecruisers, the cruisers and eight destroyers; the Germans lost one old battleship, one battlecruiser, four light cruisers and five destroyers, as well as 3,099 casualties.”

This YouTube video shows the action as it unfolded:

Here’s the story of John Travers Cornwell, who posthumously received the Victoria Cross for remaining at his post on the Chester despite mortal wounds. He was 16.

Here’s the battle from the other side (yes, it is in German):

For more, here’s our Storify version:

The SMS Seydlitz, damaged in the battle.

The HMS Queen Mary explodes.

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