Get inspired

“Don’t let them die!
You can save them!”

Graphic artist Danny Outlaw, blogging at The River Current, has gathered a collection of WWI propaganda posters. Many of them are classics we all recognize, but he has some I hadn’t seen before. Have a look.

3 thoughts on “Get inspired

  1. Perhaps this is due to my ignorance of design, but I find Danny Outlaw’s comments perplexing. He talks about the lack of design expertise, and yet some the WWI posters still manage to grab one’s heartstrings 95 years later. (He did leave out two of the most effective ones – more about that in a minute.) Were the ideas of a “good design” different in WWI than later? Or were the ideas the same but those creating posters were hacks? Or have our ideas of good design only evolved recently? Can anyone enlighten me?

    Gotta run to an appointment – will finish later.


  2. That’s too bad — well, perhaps someone else familiar with the history of design can enlighten us.

    Anyway, two of the still-emotionally powerful WWI posters were:
    1) A woman holding a baby in her arms — both of them underwater. Clearly an unstated reference to the Lusitania. The caption said simply: ENLIST .
    2) A 4th Liberty Loan poster shows New York City engulfed in flames. A decapitated Statue of Liberty is in the foreground with a squadron of bombers overhead and a submarine visible in the harbor. Post-9/11, it still gives me shivers to look at it.



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