As if bullets and shells were not bad enough…

There was a shriek in our office last night: somebody saw a cockroach. I know someone else who was unable to go to work because there was a spider beside her front door. That’s nothing: I’ve seen bedbugs. Bedbugs.

But the troops of World War I would not have blinked an eye at these puny pests. After all, they had lice, which trumps cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs and even fleas.


German soldiers collecting lice.

Besides, they faced something worse.


DeBugged, the pest control blog, explains the particular horror of rats. Don’t miss the link to the video of two old chaps talking about the appalling conditions in the trenches.


The original caption suggests that the soldiers were about to cook their catch. Wasn’t the food bad enough already?

Why do these Germans look so cheerful? Because these rats are dead!

Classic headline in The Onion fake newspaper: “Corpse-Eating Rats Now Largest Military Force in Europe”

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