2 thoughts on “German WWI Music & Pictures

  1. The creator of the video said that there was no political intent to it and, having watched it, I agree with him. Interestingly, I was surprised at how my visceral reaction to the images and music changed over the course of the 10-minute video. The early minutes, with very martial music and pictures of the Kaiser, military industrial output, and large formations of German troops struck me as almost obscene. It was as if (in my mind) it was glorifying the conquest of Belgium, France, and the western parts of the Russian empire with all its war atrocities. Then the music and the images changed – the martial music became less strident and more melodic and the images (though still of war) were less threatening. I enjoyed listening to and watching the latter 3/4 of it.


    • I thought of the martial beginning as reflective of the determination and confidence of the troops at the start of the war, when they believed they were in the right and thought they would score a quick victory. (Poor Belgium was not a target, it was just underfoot.) Then the tone grows softer as the soldiers’ attitudes became both grim and wistful — like all the other armies’.


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