WFA East Coast Branch Spring Seminar

I’m blogging the East Coast Branch’s Spring Symposium at the York County Heritage Trust museum in York, Pa. This is a great seminar and you’re going to hear all about it. There seem to be a lot of reenators in attendance, and of course a lot of collectors. I feel a little foolish because I don’t collect anything.

We’re starting with an introduction by President Paul Cora with information about the Britian-based Western Front Association. I’ll come back into this post later with a link to the WFA.

The first topic is “Collecting Postcards of the Great War” by WW1HA member Paul Petersen. He takes a minute for a little politizing: Let’s get a U.S. stamp commemorating WWI — contact the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee; more details TK.

Think of postcards as today’s e-mail and texting, Paul says. Collecting postcards is as easy as it is enjoyable. They’re not expensive, and they reflect aspects of life during the war. You can use them as bookmarks  or for geneaology — “It makes you own a piece of the war. It’s not a book someone else wrote, it’s a document in your hands.”



























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