Note my comment — Wilfred Owens and Mrs. Pankhurst in one sentence!

Great War Fiction

You look for one thing, and you find another.
I wanted to look at a 1932 Douglas Goldring pamphlet about pacifism. This turned out to be fiery, but a bit predictable.
It was bound, though with other pamphlets in the ‘Here and Now’ series published by Wishart, and the one following it was a joy.
A War Museum 1914-1918 is a collection (gathered by Hamish Miles) of press-cuttings from the War years. Mostly they show patriots making idiots of themselves, like the 1914 letter-writer to the Daily Mail who was trying to decide which kind of feather was ‘suitable for presentation by a corps of young ladies to the youths who are preferring their own amusement to the defence of their country’. To give a goose-feather would wrong a noble bird who would fight in defence of its home. He suggests that a tuft of fur from the skunk might…

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