Great War Fiction

I’ve received a coulpe of emails recently, from people involved in WW1 creative projects. I pass on the info without knowing much about either.
Russell Cruse alerts me that his novella The Circling Song has just been published. The summary is intriguing:

Private Lawrence sees the world differently from those around him. Unfortunately, those around him are the British Army. To Dr. Pennyworth, Private Henry Lawrence appears to be just another wounded soldier but slowly he begins to realise that Lawrence experiences the world in a unique and inexplicable manner. From the chaos of The Great War, Lawrence begins to create order. And Physics is struggling to keep up. Pennyworth and Dr. Caroline Charteris, a Cambridge mathematician, widowed by the war, work together to unlock the mysterious mind of Henry Lawrence and to determine how he intends to use it. Then, they must decide whether to assist him or stop…

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