Great War Fiction

Back in 2010 the Wilfred Owen Association Journal included an article on ‘Wilfred Owen’s Bloomsbury’, by Yvonne Morris, based on a tour guided by Dominic Hibberd.

Last Saturday I followed the itinerary and took a few pictures. Most of the information in this post is from Ms Morris’s article.

When Owen (and Edward Thomas, too)  enlisted in 1915, it was with the Artists Rifles, whose headquarters was at Duke’s Road, near Euston Station, now used as a dance studio.

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  1. A few years ago I got a book at the Imperial War Museum in London that people might be interested in. “A War of Individuals: Bloomsbury Attitudes to the Great War” by Jonathan Atkin. It’s an interesting read, with chapter titles:
    1) “recognised” forms of opposition
    2) Bloomsbury
    3) Academics at war
    4) Writers at war
    5) Writers in uniform
    6) Women and the war
    7) Obscurer individuals and their themes of response
    8) Three individuals
    9) Public commentary of familiar themes


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