A soldier of Fromelles

The Western Front Association has this story about a Jewish Australian soldier who was killed at Fromelles, found with 249 other soldiers in 2007 and laid to rest in 2010 in the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery. At that time, Lt. Berrol Lazar Mendelsohn was the only Jewish soldier who had been identified, though others were known to have been killed there.


The 1916 battle, which had little military importance, was the worst 24 hours in Australia’s military history, says the Guardian newspaper. In one night, 5,533 men from the Australian 5th Division were killed, wounded or reported missing. Here’s a link to the Guardian article, written nearly a year before the cemetery was finished. There are interesting details about recovering the remains.


More about the Australians on the Western Front — it wasn’t all Gallipoli:


I am borrowing this photo from our Facebook friends The Lost Soldiers of Fromelles, whose photo album is awesome.

The Cobbers Memorial to the Australians.

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