The new Journal of the WW1HA is available!

The Sopwith Camel: tricky to fly, but a superlative fighter for experienced pilots.

We’ve just released our 48-page spring issue, available only to members of the World War 1 Historical Association.

(Little commercial here: Membership is $49 per year, $39 for those who prefer digital publications. Members receive three issues of The Journal and three issues of Camaraderie magazine.)

Among the articles is a piece about the Sopwith Camel and the American pilots who flew it. It wasn’t just Snoopy, though pilots of the AEF probably didn’t shake their fists and the sky and shout: Curse you, Red Baron!

You might know that Americans began flying French planes, especially the Nieuport, but there’s more to that story, and The Journal has it.

(Another word from our sponsor:

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