Look for the Silver Lining

British nurse Vera Brittain, in her classic memoir “Testament of Youth,” deplored the solders’ bad taste in music. They liked sentimental songs — she wondered how many men’s last memory was of a tinny “If You Were the Only Girl in the World.”


“Look for the Silver Lining” was written in 1919 for a failed musical, but became a hit in 1921. No doubt the soldiers would have liked that one also.


And they would have enjoyed this mawkish music in the trenches.

Gramophone in captured German dugout blog

2 thoughts on “Look for the Silver Lining

  1. I wonder if hearing that music just made her sad–or later seemed to continue the illusion that had been breaking. She was full steam ahead with the illusion, but once she fell off that wagon, there was a sense of contempt for anyone still on it. That song is written by Jerome Kern, right?


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